As we continue our celebration of our Values this week at RevUnit, it’s time to talk about doing what’s right. This seems like a given, right? And in many ways it is, but holding this up as one of our core values keeps this top of mind in everything we do here.
CEO Joe Saumweber had this to say about the decision to choose “Do What’s Right” as a RevUnit value:

"Most of us were taught to do the right thing when we were young. It was pretty simple. As adults, there’s a temptation to over think that and parse through shades of grey. “Do what’s right” is a value that points us back to the simple decision of being honest and treating people fairly. It doesn’t have to be hard."

The winner of our Do What’s Right plaque at this year’s fall All Hands event was developer Brenna Blackwell. And it was more than deserving. Growing up in rural southwest Arkansas without access to technology education made Brenna passionate about reaching out to children, especially girls, in similar situations. She believes strongly in volunteering her time and effort to improve technology education for students for whom it might otherwise be out of reach. Through her work with AR Girls Code, Brenna seeks to provide a supportive environment for young girls interested in technology to learn and grow without having to worry about being discouraged for their interests. She even got major recognition for her work this year, being named a finalist for the Stevie Awards for Women in Business in the Women helping Women category!
We are so proud of Brenna for her growth in her career and community involvement, and for being such an inspiring embodiment of our “Do What’s Right” value.

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl is the Marketing Manager at RevUnit. She helps to lead brand marketing for the business, including the curation of thought leadership content focused around digital workforce transformation in the enterprise.