We close out values week with "Be Fearless." This value is meant to guide everything we do at RevUnit. In our dedication to the success of our products, this means speaking up when discussing the direction of our projects and sometimes having the hard conversations. It also reinforces our other values, encouraging us to be fearless when it comes to doing what’s right, being a little better all the time, and having each other’s backs.
The winner of the Be Fearless award at our Fall All Hands event is Product Adoption strategist Sidnee Schaefer. Sidnee was asked earlier this year to head up a new initiative at RevUnit and develop it as a philosophy and process for us. She jumped in head first and developed product adoption into something that RevUnit is proud to make a part of our product development process and weave into everything we build.
We caught up with Sidnee to ask her a few questions about being fearless:

Why is Be Fearless such an important value at RevUnit?

At RevUnit, we push technological boundaries to solve complex problems. Being Fearless is vital as we build solutions for these problems. Our culture’s open mindedness and ability to accept failure are the cornerstones of fearlessness.

What is the most important thing to remember when Being Fearless?

It’s important to remember that fear is part of our humanity. It’s our ability to overcome fear that makes us fearless.
We want to thank everyone who celebrated Values Week with us, with special mention to all of our fellow RevUniters, who live out our values everyday, and always have fun doing so. :)

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl is the Marketing Manager at RevUnit. She helps to lead brand marketing for the business, including the curation of thought leadership content focused around digital workforce transformation in the enterprise.