Next up in Values Week is: A Little Better All The Time. This is a value that keeps us on our toes and reminds us we are always growing, and in growth we have to be constantly learning and iterating.
We asked Tabitha McFadden, Product Owner Lead, her thoughts on this value, and why the award recipient, Developer Ricky Hanna, was so deserving of it. She had this to say:
Our mantra is Build Small. Learn Fast. Iterate Often. We take that seriously, and it ties closely to our value of A Little Better All the Time. This means that as a team we take our learnings and continue to iterate on them. This can happen on product work, but it also happens in our personal and professional growth. We consistently evaluate our work and abilities as we go, take those learnings, and apply them the next time. This allows us to continue to take on new and bigger challenges, which drives us towards succes.  Ricky was the recipient of the award at Fall Hands because of his really impressive work on a recent product build.  His expertise was previously in web applications, but for this work he learned to build a hybrid application.  Ricky put  “a little better all the time” into practice by broadening his skills as a developer and came through for the client with an excellent product.
We also caught up with Ricky after winning his award, and he gave us this quote which he feels lends itself perfectly to the idea of “A little Better All The Time:”

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time. — George Bernard Shaw

It’s been a pleasure for us to celebrate our values this week, and to highlight all of the great people that embody them. Now it’s back to work, so we can continue to keep getting a little better. :)

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl is the Marketing Manager at RevUnit. She helps to lead brand marketing for the business, including the curation of thought leadership content focused around digital workforce transformation in the enterprise.