The Fall edition of our bi-yearly All Hands meeting, now affectionately named "Fall Hands" was held last week, complete with all the pirate swag we could want. All Hands is essential to the RevUnit culture. Since we have a lot of folks spread out in different locations, we take three days out of our schedules twice a year to bring everyone together to share, learn, and of most of all have some fun together.
We also had the opportunity to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of RevUnit. From a two-person shop to more than 30. We are all proud to be apart of a company that cares about who we are as much as what we do. Our celebration included a new company photo -- pirate style. Our theme for this All Hands meeting was "Work Like a Captain, Play Like a Pirate."

All RevUniters descended on the Bentonville office for three days of meetings, team building, giving back, and of course an epic day at the lake. Our leaders shared the state of the Rev-Union, we learned more about each other, how to work better together, and some fun ways to combat stress too! Basically, we did it all in three jam-packed days, but now it's back to work and to say good-bye to all hands. Until next time!

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl is the Marketing Manager at RevUnit. She helps to lead brand marketing for the business, including the curation of thought leadership content focused around digital workforce transformation in the enterprise.