United States Congressman Joe Heck awarded RevUnit with a Certificate of Special Recognition for "outstanding dedication and commitment to growing Southern Nevada's economy." The award was given on National Startup Day at the Las Vegas Innevation Center.

Nevada Congressman Joe Heck talks with Seth Waite at RevUnit

As the Nevada technology ecosystem continues to grow, RevUnit's contributions add depth and maturity to the product development and digital marketing industries. The award was presented to Seth Waite, Joey Montano, and Alex Diebel of RevUnit. The Congressman spent time talking about RevUnit projects, clients and new business opportunities in Southern Nevada.

RevUnit is committed to startup opportunities in Nevada and Arkansas. Participating in Startup Weekends, conferences, training/mentoring, and community events are just part of the way RevUnit is getting involved to make a difference. Combining our skills at building software companies and marketing online, RevUnit is uniquely capable at providing support and services to the startup community. We appreciate the special recognition received from Congressman Joe Heck and Southern Nevada.

Seth Waite

Seth Waite

An expert problem-solver, strategist, and futurist, Seth’s experience in content strategy has influenced his commitment to impactful storytelling in everything he produces. Seth leads RevUnit growth, focusing on the digital transformation of enterprise workforces.