"I’ve got your back, you got mine" is the value mentioned the most in everyday conversation at RevUnit. You will commonly hear “I’ve got your back,” or, “Do you have my back on this?”, especially when it comes to one of RevUnit’s age-old debates: crunchy peanut butter vs. creamy.

Turtles Getting Each Others Back


Of course, this value goes much deeper than peanut butter and is one we hold dear. You might have someone’s back during a difficult phase of a project, in the middle of a personal emergency, if you need to catch a ride, or if you forgot your wallet one day. No matter what it is, you can almost always count on someone else at RevUnit to have your back.
The recipient of our values plaque for "I’ve got your back, you got mine", at this year’s fall All Hands event is someone who takes care of all of us here at RevUnit, Office Manager Jessica Simmons. With nearly three years at RevUnit, she handles everything office management and HR and knows the dietary restrictions of all 31+ employees.
When asked her thoughts about this very special value, Jess said:
I think it's probably the way I'm wired but it's the first part of that value that I identify with the most. It's my personality to jump in and help. If I wasn't helping others, I wouldn't be me. I kinda feel like a mama bear, whether it's the nurturing side by simply making sure everyone has what they need to have a great, successful day. Or the protective side, standing up for others and for what's right. It comes naturally to me. It's who I am.
I'm honestly never worried about the second part of this value. RevUnit is such a close-knit family, we all have each other's backs. That's what I love about this place, where others are weak, some are strong. It's such an awesome balance, we really compliment each other that way and that's what really helps everyone grow: learning from each other's strengths and weaknesses.
We want to congratulate Jess, and also give a special shout out to all RevUniters for being so great at living into this value, and making RevUnit an amazing place to work.

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl is the Marketing Manager at RevUnit. She helps to lead brand marketing for the business, including the curation of thought leadership content focused around digital workforce transformation in the enterprise.