Employees are the lifeblood of every business.
That's not a revolutionary statement, but when we talk about employee empowerment it often seems pretty progressive. Employees are a company's greatest investment opportunity. But they often get overlooked. Employees must be empowered and engaged to have their best chance for success.
We empower employees to be happier & more productive by building mobile tools for increased communication, productivity, learning, engagement & access to job-essential data.
Below is a beautiful way to learn more about the importance of Employee Empowerment through RevUnit's infographic.

Empowering employees with the right tools, information, and influence is essential to a thriving company. How your employees engage with your brand will influence your ability as an organization to provide an amazing experience to customers and continue to innovate and develop future products and services.
The Employee Empowerment and the Mobile Solution infographic was created by RevUnit.
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[bctt tweet="5% increase in employee engagement in 1 year is associated with a 3% increase in revenue the next year." username="RevUnit"]
[bctt tweet="Workers who say their employers use mobile tech well are more productive, creative, satisfied and loyal." username="RevUnit"]
[bctt tweet="75% of American adults now own a smartphone. Making it the most common method of communication. #mobile" username="RevUnit"]
[bctt tweet="Employees are starting to value mobility rather than stability in the workplace. #tourofduty #talent" username="RevUnit"]
[bctt tweet="Engaged employees are retained employees, and mobile technology is the key. #tech #mobile" username="RevUnit"]
[bctt tweet="Engaged companies have an average of 22% higher profitability than their competitors." username="RevUnit"]
[bctt tweet="Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more productive." username="RevUnit"]
To learn more about empowering employees, check out RevUnit's employee empowerment services.

Seth Waite

Seth Waite

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