At RevUnit, our growth is explosive! In 2016, we will continue to welcome more clients and teammates. We are eager to see what the future has in store for RevUnit.

Our Bentonville, St. Louis, and Las Vegas offices are vibrant and flourishing. Here are just a few of the things you might have missed in recent months.


New Teammates: RevUnit has more than 14 fresh faces that have joined our team in 2015!

Hiring New Developers: RevUnit is hiring a new Senior Hybrid Mobile Developer in our Bentonville, AR location. If you’re a well-rounded, user-minded developer with experience in AngularJS and Ionic, we want you on our team! Check out our requirements, benefits, and more here:

All-Hands: Our most recent All-hands event in our Bentonville, AR Headquarters was an awesome time for all involved.

Hack-a-Thon: The entirety of RevUnit completed a full-day, heads-down Hack-a-Thon on an intriguing new RevUnit 2.0 project in the pipeline. We put our heads together for a full-pictured approach, with particular attention on strategy, development, and creative. Keep an eye out for more information in the future!

Brandumentary: Members of our executive team were happily poked, pried, and prodded in interviews for RevUnit’s first brandumentary. Explore our story and watch our brandumentary here.

Emotional Intelligence: We met with Soderquist Leadership for Emotional Intelligence training; to best work together, we have to know how everyone works.

Waivers Galore: You know people are going to have a blast when multiple waivers are involved! We got our adrenaline pumping while zip-lining on a gorgeous, rainy day in the Ozarks, and we further exhausted ourselves at a trampoline park. All-Hands events are never boring.

Meyers-Briggs Personality Tests: We’ve learned to discover, embrace, and share both our strengths and weaknesses during the Meyers-Briggs Personality Tests. Keep an eye out for future posts on how RevUnit builds smarter teams and better communication using scientific data.

St. Louis Office: Our fourth office was launched in “The Show Me State!” in August 2014. The new St. Louis location specializes in digital marketing and business development and puts us on-the-ground with our awesome partners in the Nitrous Effect like UPBrand, Creative Producer’s Group and Vidzu.

Apple Watch DevelopmentOur developers are expanding into the realm of the Apple Watch, which presents exciting challenges and opportunities unique to the iOS space. This presents a framework that we can’t wait to play with and bend into something spectacular.


We believe in being an active part of our communities. ‘Doing Good’ is a core value at RevUnit, so we’ve found numerous ways to share our talents with students, startups, and organizations seeking to do good. Check out a few of the things we’ve done in the last couple of months:

2015 NWA Tech Summit: Michael Paladino (CTO) led a developer Q&A panel, team members Brenna Blackwell, Will Bowlin and Alex Williams all were participants on various panels and presentations throughout the event that brought together C-level executives, startups, retailers, developers, marketing specialists, and students. To learn more read our review on the 2015 NWA Tech Summit.

Creatives United Panel: RevUnit hosted a Creatives United event focused on getting and staying motivated when starting something new in business. Panelists included Joe Saumweber, co-founder and CEO of RevUnit, Jayshica Amargos of Startup Junkie Consulting, Dr. Frank Niles of Scholar Executive Group, and Cameron Magee of Avad3 Inc.

WatchHARK: Our co-founder and CTO Michael Paladino sat down to speak with HARK about storytelling in business. Check it out on WatchHARK’s YouTube channel:

100 Girls of Code: Brenna Blackwell, one of RevUnit’s talented developers, has worked with 100 Girls of Code in multiple events to bring code-slinging and web-weaving to young women in Northwest Arkansas. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Ionic and AngularJS: Mobile Development Lead Will Bowlin and Mobile Developer Brenna Blackwell hosted a fantastic introduction to Ionic and AngularJS this summer. We love to see more code injected into the community.

Biz+Ed Conference: In June, RevUnit sponsored the Bentonville’s CAPS program’s first Biz+Ed Conference! Biz+Ed represented a truly exciting opportunity for businesses and youth alike in Northwest Arkansas. There were breakout workshops on topics such as Google AdWords, service pricing, how to help employees avoid burnout, and bookkeeping basics. In addition, there was a steady lineup of great innovative speakers, including a keynote address by Rick Webb, SVP of Global Processes with Walmart, and a session on Lean Canvas business plans by Jeff Amerine, Founding Principal of Startup Junkie Consulting. Local students were presented with real-life business challenges and completed for $1,000 to continue developing their idea.

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