Sidnee Schaefer is an intelligent, team player on the Marketing & Metrics team. Our team got a chance to ask Sidnee a couple of questions and find out more about one of RevUnit’s Senior Marketing Strategists. We’ve asked Sidnee a few questions to help you better understand who she is and what it’s like to work at RevUnit.

Sidnee Schaefer - RevUnit Sr. Strategist

What does a Marketing Strategist do?

Everything. Kidding! But really a marketing strategist is required to have many different skill sets. We spend a lot of time researching with the goal of improving or developing strategies based on results of the research. This could be anything from analyzing a client’s Adwords’ account for inefficiencies and developing a strategy for improvement to analyzing a client’s competitive landscape and providing business-level strategy to improve competitive position. It’s truly a multifaceted position. At RevUnit, the most unique part of this position is we get to implement most of our strategies. This isn’t the case at most companies. It’s awesome to get follow-through with a strategy and see it come to life.

How did you become interested in the field?

I’ve known since college I wanted to work in marketing, but it wasn’t until graduate school that it really piqued my interest. I took an internship at Intel, before my second year, where I got work in developer marketing. During my internship, I realized I loved tech and analytics. Marketing fit in really well with my interests.

Why are strategic insights so important to the creative process?

At RevUnit, part of our mantra is “iterate often”. This directly applies to the creative process. We believe in creating an MVP (minimum viable product) first. After launch of the MVP, we analyze the data and pull insights. These insights will dictate how we approach UI/UX and content changes. The creative process requires iteration and continuous optimization/testing to get to the best version. This could be applied to an MVP, PPC landing page or even an existing website.

What trends are you seeing?

There are so many trends in marketing right now. The biggest one for me is personalization. The ability to give a user/consumer a customized experience tailored to them. The customer is starting to expect more and more customization, so we as marketers have to think smarter to provide an immersive experience. This is where I think the digital marketer is starting to take a turn. We’re not only responsible for the bottom of the funnel, but we’re starting to spend more time in curating the customer experience. The other trend is automation. There are a ton of automation companies popping up from email to push notifications. If your company doesn’t have an automation program setup, you’re missing out. This is something that is a low level of effort, after setup, to maintain and keep customers engaged.

What is an example of a well-executed and smartly designed campaign that you’ve seen or worked on?

This isn’t an example of a huge campaign, but it goes along with the trend in automation. William Sonoma has a great email automation program setup. I didn’t realize how often I browsed waffle makers until I started getting emails saying, You viewed xx waffle maker, here’s 15% off. Buy it now.” I actually ended up buying one because of this. Email automation, based on web behavior, is a great way to push products that people are actually interested in.

What are the challenges you enjoy the most?

I love the fires. I know that sounds really weird, but I love when a problem presents itself that’s time sensitive and needs to be solved immediately. The kind where your fight or flight senses kick in and you’re just like, “Okay, I have to figure this out!” I find that’s when the best ideas take place and you learn the most. Obviously fires are never a good thing, but I find they are the most exciting. The other challenges I like are when I’m given a task doing something I’ve never done before and I have to go figure it out. That’s my favorite because again, I get to learn while I do great work.

Why did you choose RevUnit?

I chose RevUnit because it was different than any company I had ever come into contact with. Seth (Our CMO) and the team were conversational and focused more on how I thought about approaching a problem rather than just my resume. Part of the interview process was auditing a website, which I found really fun and it helped me see what the team dynamic would be like. Our team dynamic is fantastic. We constantly learn from each other and truly work better together than apart. That’s what I love about RevUnit. We’re actually a unit.

What RevUnit value do you feel you embody most?

I would say “I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine.” This isn’t a value you see flowing through an entire organization frequently, but it is truly a guiding principle for people at RevUnit. This value translates to more than just work and that’s something special. RevUnit is an unbelievable place to work because you always know, at the end of the day, every person will support you when things go right and when they go wrong.

Batman or Superman?

This is a tough question. I wrestle with this every day. I would say Superman because the whole S thing (for Sidnee), but Batman really has the cooler costume and technology. I am a tech buff, so I’ll have to go with Batman.

Bonus Question: What game would you like to play on the Price is Right?

Plinko. Every day of the week. My dream is to get on the Price is Right and play Plinko. I’ve been studying grocery items for years in preparation for my big break ;). I’m still trying to convince the marketing team to road trip to LA to be on the show.