Who you become is born from the values and actions you embody.

At RevUnit, our values influence everything we do. From who joins our team to how we produce delightful digital products. Values matter and this week we will take the time to celebrate those values and the people and company they influence.

RevUnit’s Values

  1. Celebrate The Win
  2. Do What’s Right
  3. A Little Better, All The Time
  4. I’ve Got Your Back, You Got Mine
  5. Be Fearless

The origin of RevUnit’s values didn’t come from an executive meeting or fancy consultants. They come from the men and women who make up RevUnit. Who have lived and breathed life into the values.

In a meeting with all of the company employees almost 3 years ago, we spent a lot of time working to find the words which encompassed the feelings and thoughts we had about the kind of company we were building and aspire to become. It wasn’t a smooth process. There were lots of opinions and strong feelings, but we came to clarity when we realized we didn’t need everything to be perfect. In fact, our very mantra clearly guides us to Build Small, Learn Fast, and Iterate Often. And so we began with values written exactly as we would say them. Not distilled down to a single word, but using phrases real to each of us.

Since the creation of the RevUnit values, we have found fun and consistent ways to make them a part of everyday work life. From jokes and gifs on Slack to recently handing out awards at All-Hands.

This week our company invites you to celebrate with us as we congratulate our recent Values Award winners and hear from them about why the value they won is so important to them and the people they work worth.

RevUnit Values Award Winners Fall All Hands 2016

Celebrate The Win

Alison Renfro hasn’t been at RevUnit long, but her impact as a friend and champion to all is having lasting effects. As the winner of the “Celebrate The Win” award, Alison told me why she thinks this value has so much importance at RevUnit.

At RevUnit we strive for excellence. Excellence in product, usability, quality, and in ourselves. I think that excellence comes from passion for what you do, and encouragement only helps to push your passions farther and farther. It is easy to go about your day and work hard, but without passion it can be a pretty moot point. Our values at RevUnit aim to avoid being another run of the mill “9-5” gig, and we thrive on passion. Celebrating wins and being a positive reinforcement to your fellow employees pushes us to encourage passion and feeling proud of your work, yourself, and your job.

Alison also gives great advice on how we can all do better at living into this value, “Celebrating wins isn’t about offering monetary compensation, or going absolutely overboard. It’s about letting someone know you notice they have put in hard work. Calling out wins and being proud of your team/company goes a long way regardless of if you notice it or not. Be proud of what you have done, but be celebratory for others accomplishments, even when those accomplishments are small.

Thank you, Alison, for helping us live into our values better. Stay tuned for the rest of our values each day this week.

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