The HR world is overwhelmed with the idea of “engagement.” Every new initiative has to drive employee engagement and every new vendor is promising new ways to accomplish engaging human resources. In retail, the pursuit of retail associate engagement is just as frantic.

The reason for the rush to engagement? It matters to the bottom line.

Employees who are disinterested or unengaged at work are less productive, more likely to quit, and create poorer customer service experiences. All of those things drive revenue and success for retailers. To address this important topic most brands have turned to flashy initiatives with little substance and even smaller strategies. Doing employee engagement only works if it is actually engaging and provides values to your employees.

Below, is an infographic (visual story with data) explaining 2 important paths for generating real employee engagement. These paths represent tangible ways your brand can create and foster engagement across your retail associates. So, dive in and explore 2 of the best ways to create real engagement.

Retail Associate Engagement Infographic

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Quick Engagement Facts

  • More than 50% of Disengaged retail employees are planning to switch jobs in the next year, versus 10% of engaged employees
  • In big businesses, 70% of change management initiatives fail
  • 93% of employees say working for a company with updated technology is important to them
  • 74% of event attendees say they have a more positive outlook on a company after the event
  • Companies with an Employee Engagement program enjoy 233% greater customer loyalty
  • Enterprise apps boost worker productivity by more than 34%
  • Employees rate mobile-savvy employers higher in every measure of engagement and performance
  • Employee Engagement programs help companies enjoy 26% greater annual increase in revenue

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