Alex Williams is a smart, quick witted developer on the Tech team. Our team got a chance to sit down with Alex, a Full Stack Developer at RevUnit. We asked Alex a few questions to help you better understand who he is and what it’s like to work at RevUnit.

At what point did you decide to become a developer? Why?

I decided to be a developer right after high school. When I was young, around 8-12, I started playing with some AppleScript and PHP but didn’t care too much for programming. After high school I decided to take development seriously. I would spend all day pushing myself to learn as much as I could.

How did you join RevUnit?

Michael Paladino, the co-founder and CTO of RevUnit sent me a message on LinkedIn saying he had heard I was looking for work. Turns out he and one of my previous co-workers had been on a plane together and he had given Michael a recommendation for me. I interviewed a couple of times and the rest is history. Small world!

Using only three words, can you describe your position?

Question, Communicate, Create

Walk me through the typical day of a full stack developer.

My days tend to differ based on what part of a project’s life-cycle we’re in. However, usually I start my day having a standup with my project manager. After outlining what I’ll be doing for the day I get to coding. Most often I’m working on Rails projects so I write a lot of Ruby, CoffeeScript/JavaScript (depending on the project), SCSS/Sass(again depending on project), HTML and the like. Sometimes I have meetings throughout the day. I try to keep my project managers pretty close in the loop on my progress so that any necessary course corrections can be made. Overall it stays pretty exciting!

What are the three most valuable things you have learned while working at RevUnit?

Trusting your co-workers, the importance of communication and how to really give it your all.

What aspect of your job do you enjoy most?

The way that we add value to companies, which sounds pretty lame but honestly I think it sets us apart. It’s not just about programming, it’s not just about meetings. I love programming, meetings not so much, but it isn’t just about building cool software it’s about what that software does for our clients. Maybe they don’t even need software but analytics to benefit them. In terms of our development, we focus on adding value to our clients in the budget we’re given. I enjoy this challenge a lot.


I enjoy getting to tackle each challenge with such an incredible and diverse group of people.


RevUnit offers its employees a flexible work schedule, how have you benefited from that perk?

The most tangible way I have benefited from it is a higher sense of freedom. I’m responsible for getting in my hours for the week, regardless of when that happens. So if I get my hours in, I’m free to go home, or if I have an errand to run I can leave and get the hours in later. No need to sit in my chair if I have nothing to do. Assuming there isn’t a meeting scheduled for me and nothing is on fire, there are no problems. I also enjoy traveling and working remotely.

With your love for travel, which travel app can you not live without?

Couchsurfing, AirBnB, WhatsApp

What advice would you give to those aspiring to be a developer?

Work really hard. It takes a lot of effort and it is difficult for everyone. Stay positive and encouraged, you aren’t stupid, if you persevere you will get it.